About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness and funds for the fight against ovarian cancer and to provide support for the warriors and their families.

The Organization

Ray of Hope is a non-profit organization established in 2018 in the Greater Milwaukee Area in response to the need for more advocacy for ovarian cancer awareness. The nature of ovarian cancer as a deeply personal disease often acts as a barrier to early detection and effective patient advocacy. Treatments for ovarian cancer, even cases that were detected early, is invasive, and takes a toll on the body. We’re here to help start the conversation, push for innovation through research, and be a Ray of Hope in the fight for a cure.

Be Brave

The “Be Brave” mantra came to life because of Brenda Ray. When her two daughters were growing up, Brenda would sing them a bedtime song. The main message, and reoccurring lyric throughout the song she always sang to her daughters, was “be brave little one”. While Brenda used those lyrics to encourage her daughters to be brave, she also set an amazing example of bravery throughout her entire life.

“Be Brave” not only encompasses Brenda’s bravery, but the bravery of all women who have fought or are fighting against ovarian cancer. Women around the world continue to be brave and resilient in the fight against ovarian cancer, and their bravery should not go unnoticed.

Ray of Hope for Ovarian Cancer Cure Inc is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.