Who the Ray of Hope Community Runs For

This tribute wall is designed for Ray of Hope Run/Walk participants to honor someone they know and love who has been affected by ovarian cancer.

Are you running in honor of a friend or loved one? Want to write a brief tribute to them to be featured on this wall? Please submit your tributes by visiting the ‘Who Do You Run For Submission Page’. These submissions will be posted on this page after being reviewed by Ray of Hope staff.

Sherri Bryan

Sherri Bryan

My mother was lucky to have survived ovarian cancer. She was well informed about medical issues and actually had early symptoms. She went to her doctor as soon as she saw early signs of a problem. She was able to have surgery quickly and stop the spread of this disease. She enjoyed a healthy life with her family and grandchildren for many years after her diagnosis. We were so lucky to have that precious time with her. Research for more diagnostics and treatments is so important to allow more women to be given the gift of time.

-Tari E

Barbara Smith

Beverly's Mom

I am running in honor of my mom. She continues to give me strength through times of joy and times that are more challenging. I will always remember how she treated EVERYONE with the same amount of kindness and respect, and will carry this on for my lifetime. Her compassion and love of life inspire me to strive to be a better person every day. I am so grateful for every moment I got to spend with her before her life was cut short by ovarian cancer. She is loved and dearly missed by all her family and friends.

-Beverly G

Brenda Ray

Brenda’s love and legacy lives on! So proud of Allie and Kate Ray for creating this wonderful organization to benefit others. You are your mother’s girls…she will always be the most generous, beautiful, and loving person I will ever know and love. My best friend- Brenda Ray- My Ray of hope. I love you forever.

-Jody C